Welcome to Project Devas

A small space for projects and ideas to be archived and documented while at school or just away from my main computer or laptop.

All documents created within this wiki by it's main user, Valtarian (also known as Valtarain), Helbound, Helbound Ember, Arkterus, Anartik, Doom9809, and Dare101. Most files were created By Valtarian, and require permission before using.

All files created by Valtarian are under (CC) Creative Commons, minimal rights.

~ W

Your RightsEdit

As this is a personal wiki, those that are able to view it are allowed Minimal rights, so as to not infringe upon the main purpose, which is to be a data warehouse.


You are allowed to view documents stating this tag: "Viewable" or "Right: V"

Latest activityEdit

Uploading of "MLIA = My Life is Average" daily letter template.

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